Walking Landscapes – Bornholm


Ilon Lodewijks set off on her journey with a 25 meter long orange silk ribbon. For 12 hours, the orange ribbon did not leave her side. She used it to create a frame, mark, play and make contact.

The band created a space, a chosen meeting place. By creating a frame, you can look at the meeting place as a defined space, almost like a stage. And thus you can ‘step into’ the meeting place. Entering the various meeting places was a ritual she performed every hour.

At the meeting place, with the help of the silk ribbon, she invited playful and reflective actions that explored the potential of the place. Sometimes it was just the landscape, the meeting place and Ilon. Other times a pre-invited guest was also present or randomly invited people who were already there.

Ilon’s route went through old, current and potential meeting places. Places where people have gathered long before our time to protect themselves, to celebrate, perform rituals and negotiate power.

On her route, she asked questions such as: Why do people gather exactly in these places? And how do such man-made meeting places interact with the landscape?