Performance Maker – Let’s keep in dialogue!

2019 Het Nationale Theater

During a regular school day the researchers of the US/THEM department enter the classroom. They close and block the door. There has been a warning for an active ‘US’ and ‘WE’. Groups that define themselves too much as a ‘WE’ can be very dangerous for society, because every ‘WE’ has a ‘THEM’

The members of the US/THEM department have to find out of this ‘US’ can still be a part of society. Is it safe to eliminate the quarantine?

Through scenes, games and philosophical research, the actors and the students collectively investigate the US and THEM thinking construct and the polarized times we live in. 

US/THEM combines performance and education, The US/THEM thinking department conquered over 80 classrooms. The project was implemented in collaboration with young performers, who were peer educators as well.

Let’s keep in dialogue!

Photography by Studio Johan Nieuwenhuize.


Idea: Het Nationale Theater Educatie

Concept development: Ilon Lodewijks

Director: Ilon Lodewijks

Scenography: Luca van Slagmaat

Producer: Joya de Bock

Performers: Students from the Dutch Academy of Performing Arts & ROC Mondriaan

With special thanks to:

With special thanks to:

Auke Oosthoek

Judith Borgers