TING is a performance and a life size boardgame in one.  Take a pair of headphones on and enter the Universe of Things.  On a 100 square meter board, you and 11 other players encounter 100 yellow objects. Here presents “the voice” in a poetic composition a set of reflective challenges.  TING is a playful platform that explores human relationships with objects.


No other mammal on earth is dependent on things the way we are. We cannot live without our things, but which ones are most important? What things do we need to preserve at any cost and who has the power to decide that?

TING can be played by adults and children older than 11 years. 

Approved as professional Performance Art by the Danish Arts Foundation. (refusionsgodkendt)

Length: 45 minutes. 

Photography by Brigitta Steen


Idea & concept: Ilon Lodewijks
Director: Ilon Lodewijks
Scenography: Eva Wendelboe Kuczynski
Sounddesign: Sylvester Holm
Dramaturg: Valdemar Schultz Andreasen
Music: Juan Pino
Voice instructions: Gunni Torp
Voice actors: Anders Budde, Vilde Hebeltoft Sørensen
Kunstnerisk konsulent: Nullo Facchini
Producer: Ilon Lodewijks

With special thanks to:
Act-Fact Copenhagen
BIRCA  – Bækkelund International Recidency Center for Artists
Simon Hebeltoft Hansen
Torups lokalsamfund

Supported by:

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