RE(W)RITE Cantabile 2

2021 Cantabile 2

RE(W)RITE Celebrating Human Connection is a participatory performance installation presented by Cantabile 2 in a collaboration with Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen.

RE(W)RITE! invites the audience on a personal journey of discovery in an immersive ritual universe, an interactive meeting space, where small groups of participants are initiated into existential experiences through real, sensual, and intimate encounters between people – an aspect that has been sorely missed due to the pandemic.

RE(W)RITE! is a transformative performance installation, a Temple for our Time, that has been developed specifically for the exhibition spaces at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen.

  Photography by Nullo Facchini

A predetermined schedule comprising rituals of varied length welcomes audiences at different times of the day; for each time, at a higher level of intimacy and participation. Guests will be attending both as observers and participants at various levels of ritual acts and innovations. The interaction design is structured in such a way that it enables the audience to advance to new levels and reach deeper layers within the performance. Each participation is a personal journey, even though most rituals are collective. You can gain access to increasingly advanced ritual ceremonies, and at the highest level it is possible to be admitted into the work and thus reside in RE(W)RITE!

Each performance is a unique composition of contemporary rituals, created by 23 international performers directed by Nullo Facchini.

More information & credits: Cantabile 2 – RE(W)RITE