Theatre of Remembrance

Performance Maker – The last remaining memories of WOII

International Holocaust 
Remembrance Day
Copenhagen, 27th of January 2019 & 2020

Today’s youngsters Copenhagen meet their fellow, but 6 decades older, citizens. All residents of Copenhagen who were born in the 1930s and young during WOII. Together they exchange stories from the past & the present.

These meetings were the start of an exploration on CPH and her youngsters during WOII.

Based on memories, historical facts and today’s news, a performance was made at the Danish Jewish Museum.

At the same time, 6 theatre makers based in different European cities, made a performance based on the same concept. Together we narrated a bigger story: the last remaining memories of WOII.

In collaboration with Simon H. Hansen, Teaterbutikken, Dansk Jødisk Museum and the Dutch initiative Theater Na de Dam.